Multi/Single Family Real Estate

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Purchasing quality apartments & homes one property at a time

We Find The Deals

Our team is always looking for new listings, talking with brokers and agents every day to find the best-off market deals. We have a great burning desire and a nonstop work ethic to find all the deals that produce cash flow from day one with tremendous upside and value add opportunity.

We Fund The Deals & Raise Capital


Our team is determined to get deals done in a timely manner and to show you we truly believe in what we preach. We put in our own money alongside all the investors we bring into our deals.

We Hold & Sell When The Time Is Right


Our team strives to get the best returns on your money. We typically hold a property anywhere from 1 to 10 years waiting until the perfect moment to sell. We maximize our profits for our investors, so they are always satisfied.

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